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Seven52 has worked across multiple industries at all levels. Our services are tailored to each individual clients unique needs. No matter what the timeline or budget we can find a solution to fit the situation.


dubai key.

At Dubai Key, the sole aim is for their clients to see and enjoy the best that Dubai has to offer. The service is tailor-made to your individual or group requirements, showing you the best of the city – unlocked by your personal Dubai concierge. With the city continuing to grow, it allows Dubai Key to offer an increased choice to clients. 

Seven52 have worked with Dubai Key since 2019 on all aspects of Website Design, E-Commerce, Branding and Marketing, during this time the company has seen both enquires and sales rocket.

Website Design

We completely re-designed and developed Dubai Key's website in 2019, elevating their digital presence and providing a much more compelling user experience. This lead to a huge increase in enquiries and sales.


In 2021 we developed a custom E-Commerce booking platform for Dubai Key. This allowed customers to book their yachts directly through the website, rather than having to enquire.

Email Marketing

It is essential that Dubai Key constantly communicates with their loyal customer base, in order to ensure all communications are consistent we created a range of email marketing templates for the Dubai Key team.

Exclusive Offers

We designed both on-line and off-line adverts for Dubai Key to effectively communicate seasonal offers and discounts to their customers. We also developed pop up adverts for the Dubai Key website.

what dubai key have to say.

We as a company are delighted with the finished product Jamie and his team have created and have seen enquires ad sales increase as a result.

We would highly recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital presence. Since completion we are still receiving full support on a day to day basis from the Seven52 team.

jamie king.

managing director

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